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General Recommendations for Lights Based on Aquarium Size

Will this light work on my tank? That's probably one of the most common questions we get asked. So, we put together the chart below to help guide you and answer your questions. All dimensions are rough and in inches. Alternate options are included in recommendations also, along with recommendations on alternate optics kits. Keep in mind these recommendations are based on requirements for reef tanks.  Aquarium (Size) Recommended Bulb(s) Quantity 2.5 Gal. Standard (12x6x8) 14w PAR30 1 2.6 Gal. Fluval Spec III (9x11x12) 14w PAR30 1 3 Gal. Picotope (12x9x8) 14w PAR30 1 3 Gal. JBJ Cubey (8x11x11) 14w PAR30 1 3 Gal. Mr. Aqua Bow Front (12x7x8) 14w PAR30 (90 Degree Optics) 1 5 Gal. Fluval Spec V (20x7x11) 14w...

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